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HARVES Co., Ltd.

You can find us where there is a "movement"

Our product offerings include quick-drying lubricants, high-performance greases and fluorinated coatings for use in electronics/precision devices such as cameras, home appliances, AV equipment and OA equipment for multiple purposes including smooth sliding of components and contact points, noise prevention, providing feeling (touch, operational feeling, heaviness), conducting electricity, impregnation, water repelling, oil repelling, stain proofing and moisture proofing.


Bruker Japan K.K.

Wide application versatility with enhanced dynamic range

The autoflex maX series is based on Bruker’s robust and efficientMALDI-TOF MS technology and is engineered for effective andworry-free operation. Continuing Bruker’s long tradition ofdesigning instrumentation to meet the demands of today’sanalytical laboratories, the application flexibility of the autoflex maXseries is strengthened by its improved dynamic range, providinga more complete picture of diverse molecular species across a broad mass range.

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Kyodo Yushi Co., Ltd.

Making contribution to society through putting into practice the essence of Tribology.

Our role is to listen to what a machine is telling us, so we can offer the lubricant that best suits our customer's needs, which we believe will serve the purpose of contributing to the industry in terms of better quality and more added value for our customers' products. We always seek to figure out "how better the wear and friction can be controlled," hoping to open up new realm of applied Tribology as a team of lubricant specialists.

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Since our founding in 1916, NSK has strived to be at the forefront of uncovering and responding to society’s needs, offering new motion that no one has ever imagined. Today, NSK’s Motion & Control™ can be found almost anywhere in the world. From our homes to high-tech factories, from massive construction machines to tiny medical instruments.

BMF Japan Inc.

Ground-Breaking Micro-Scale 3D Printers

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) is a world-leading company in ultra-high resolution 3D printing. Its unique PμSL technology produces the most accurate and precise 3D prints for research, product development, and industrial short run. This technology represents a true industrial breakthrough by empowering product manufacturers or academic researchers to capitalize on the benefits of 3D printing without sacrificing precision, quality, or scale.

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