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JSME-IIP/ASME-ISPS Joint Conference on Micromechatronics for Information and Precision Equipment

MIPE is an international conference co-hosted every three years by the Information, Intelligence and Precision (IIP) Equipments Division of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) and the Information Storage and Processing Systems (ISPS) Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Researchers and engineers in the fields of micro and precision instruments, information storage, intelligent machines, biomedical engineering, tribology, and robotics gather, and the conference has become a place for active technical exchange. While focusing on micro/nanomechatronics and information technology, which are indispensable for high performance and high functionality of machines, the conference also covers technical issues in applied fields, contributing to the promotion of social implementation of technology.
Topics to be discussed at MIPE include (i) storage devices and relating technologies such as head/disk interface and tribology, mechanism and control, (ii) flexible media feeding and handling machines, (iii) image processing and printing technologies, (iv) intelligent machines, (v) bio-medical equipment, (vi) precision equipment and (vii) micro/nanosystem science and technology.

Advisory Board and Conference Committees

Advisory Board

  • Professor Norio Tagawa (Kansai University, Japan)

  • Professor Yasunaga Mitsuya (Nagoya Industrial Science Research Institute, Japan)

  • Prof. Shigehisa Fukui (Tottori University, Japan)

  • Prof. Shozo Saegusa (Shujitsu University, Japan)

  • Dr. Junguo Xu (Western Digital)

  • Dr. Kan Takahashi (Toshiba)

  • Dr. Shogo Matsumoto (Ricoh)

  • Dr. Toshihiko Arisaka (Hitachi Academy)

  • Dr. Yasuo Sakane (Moresco)

Conference Chairs

  • Professor Kenji FUKUZAWA (Nagoya University, Japan)

  • Dr. Rahul Rai (Western Digital, USA)

Conference Committees

  • Dr. Shintaro Ito (Nagoya University, Japan)

  • Dr. Takayuki Tokoroyama (Nagoya University, Japan)

  • Professor Hedong Zhang (Nagoya University)

  • Dr. Naoki Azuma (Nagoya University)

  • Professor Hiroshi Tani (Kansai University, Japan)

  • Dr. Yuko Kobayashi (Toshiba)

  • Dr. Renguo Lu (Kansai University)  

  • Dr. Jiro Hashizume (Hitachi)

  • Professor Ken Masamune (Tokyo Women's Medical University, Japan)

  • Professor Hironari Matsuoka (Tottori University, Japan)

  • Professor Kazushi Yoshida (Sanyo-Onoda City University, Japan)

  • Dr. Toshihiko Arisaka (Hitachi Academy)

  • Professor Hiroshi Takahashi (Shonan Institute of Technology, Japan)

  • Professor Norio Kiguchi (Kyushu University, Japan)

  • Professor Gen Hashiguchi (Shizuoka University, Japan)

  • Professor Hitoshi Washizu (Hyogo Prefecure University, Japan)

  • Professor Masahiro Ooka (Nagoya University)

  • Professor Hironari Matsuoka (Tottori University, Japan)

  • Professor Shinji Koganezawa (Kansai University, Japan)

  • Dr. Takeshi Okuyama (Tohoku University, Japan)

  • Dr. Yuki Shimizu (Tohoku University, Japan)

  • Dr. Kenta Kuwana (Tokyo Denki University, Japan)

  • Professor Ken Masamune (Tokyo Women's Medical University, Japan)    

  • Professor Yoshihiro Tanaka (Nagoya Institute of Technology)

  • Dr. Yasushi Tomizawa (Toshiba)

  • Professor Kenji Suzuki (Kogakuin University, Japan)

  • Professor Akihiro Matsumoto (Toyo University, Japan)

  • Dr. Hiroshi Igarashi (Tokyo Denki University, Japan)

  • Dr. Yoshiaki Hayashi (Saga University, Japan)

  • Dr. Hiroyuki Matsumoto (Moresco)

  • Dr. Yasuo Sakane (Moresco)

  • Dr. Yasushi Tomizawa (Toshiba)

  • Dr. Heigo Ueki (Ricoh)

  • Dr. Junguo Xu (WD)    

  • Professor Noritsugu Umehara (Nagoya University, Japan)    

  • Dr. Takanori Murashima (Nagoya University, Japan)

  • Dr. Rie Kazuki (Toshiba)

  • Dr. Hirotaka Hida (Kobe University, Japan)    

Session Organizers

  • Prof. K. Masamune (Tokyo Women’s Medical University)

  • Prof. Frank E. Talke (University of California San Diego)

  • Prof. M. Tanaka    (Tohoku University)

  • Dr. T. Okuyama (Tohoku University)

  • Dr. K. Kuwana (Tokyo Denki University)

  • Prof. K. Sagawa    (Hirosaki University)

  • Prof. M. Morita    (Yamaguchi University)

  • Prof. Jia-Yang Juang (NTU, Taiwan)

  • Prof. H. Matsuoka (Tottori University)

  • Dr.  Tan Trinh (Western Digital Corporation)

  • Prof. H. Zhang (Nagoya University)

  • Dr. J. Xu (Western Digital)

  • Dr. T. Arisaka (Hitachi academy)

  • Prof. S. Koganezawa (Kansai University)

  • Prof. H. Tani (Kansai University)

  • Dr. K. Sonoda (Toshiba Device&Storage)

  • Prof. T. Hirayama (Kyoto University)

  • Dr. Y. Sakane (MORESCO)

  • Dr. T. Eguchi (Western Digital)

  • Prof. M. Ochiai    (Tokai University)

  • Dr. M. Hanya (NHK Spring)

  • Dr. T. Yamaguchi (RICOH)

  • Prof. T. Atsumi (Chiba Institute of Technology)

  • Prof. M. Hirata    (Utsunomiya University)

  • Dr. S. Yabui (Nagoya University)

  • Dr. Murthy Peri (Seagate Corporation)

  • Prof. K. Yoshida (Sanyo-Onoda City University)

  • Prof. J. Chang (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)

  • Dr. U. Sunami (Tokai University)

  • Prof. M. Watanabe (Aoyama-Gakuin University)

  • Dr. H. Ueki (Ricoh Cooporation)

  • Dr. K. Nomura (AIST)

  • Dr. S. Itoh (Nagoya University)

  • Dr. Y. Matsuda (Waseda University)

  • Dr. K. Seki (Nagoya Institute of Technology)

  • Dr. S. Maegawa    (Nagoya Institute of Technology)

  • Dr. S. Yokoyama    (Osaka Institute of Technology)

  • Dr. I. Kinefuchi (The University of Tokyo)

  • Dr. M. Mizoshiri (Nagaoka University of Technology)

  • Dr. Y. Kusaka (AIST)

  • Prof. Wan-Chin Kim (Hanbat National University, Korea)

  • Dr. T. Arisaka (Hitachi Academy)

  • Prof. Paul C.-P. Chao (NCTU, Taiwan)

  • Prof. Yuan Ma (TAMU, USA)

  • Prof. H. Igarashi (Tokyo Denki University)

  • Dr. Qian Zhong (Western Digital Corporation)

  • Prof. A. Matsumoto (Toyo University)

  • Prof. M. Ohka (Nagoya University)

  • Prof. Minghui Zheng (University at Buffalo, USA)

  • Prof. K. kiguchi (Kyusyu University)

  • Prof. Jia-Yang Juang (NTU, Taiwan)

  • Dr. S. Nishikawa (Kyushu University)

  • Dr. H. Mu Western (Digital Corporation)

  • Prof. G. Hashiguchi (Shizuoka University)

  • Prof. Ja Choon Koo (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

  • Prof. I.Kanno (Kobe University)

  • Prof. H.Toshiyoshi (The University of Tokyo)

  • Prof. T.Suzuki (Gunma University)

  • Prof. J. Chang (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)

  • Prof. K. Fukuzawa (Nagoya University)

  • Dr. Haoyuan Mu (Western Digital Corporation)

  • Dr. K. Suzuki (Kogakuin University)

  • Dr. T. Tokoroyama (Nagoya University)

  • Dr. K. Shirai (Shibaura Institute of Technology)

  • Prof. S. Umezu (Waseda University)

  • Prof. Y. Ando (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

  • Prof. M. Hirano (Hosei University)

  • ​Prof. H. Washizu (University of Hyogo)

  • Dr. Robert Smith (Western Digital Corporation)

  • Prof. K. Tanaka    (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)

  • Dr. T. Onodera (ENEOS)

  • Dr. S. Kajita (Toyota Central R&D Labs.)

  • Prof. H. Tani Kansai University

  • Dr. Shaomin Xiong Western Digital Corporation

  • Prof. A. Masuda    (Kyoto Institute of Technology)

  • Prof. G. Hashiguchi (Shizuoka University)

  • Prof. I.Kanno (Kobe University)

  • Prof. S. Koganezawa (Kansai University)

  • Dr. Y. Tomizawa    (Toshiba)

  • Dr. Aravind Murthy (Western Digital Corporation)


Previous MIPE conferences

MIPE 1997, Tokyo


MIPE 2003, Yokohama


MIPE 2006, California


MIPE 2009, Tsukuba


MIPE 2012, California


MIPE 2015, Kobe


MIPE 2018, San Francisco


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